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The Advanced Rat Management Service

The term rodent implies rats, mice and bandicoots. Rat have become one of the most disastrous urban pets.With the sole exception of man, the most disastrous urban pests. With the sole exception of man, the most successful and abundant mammals on the earth today are rats. They live at man’s expense;invade his home,eat his food and damage his commodities. They are also responsible for transmitting various diseases to man.They also responsible for transmitting various diseases to man. They contaminate his food with their faeces,urine and hair.Their gnawing ability is responsible for not only structural and property damage but also short circuits and fires. They nibble at few cables and entire communication or computer network collapses.


Rodents include rats, mice and bandicoots with commensal rodents being the ones which live with or near man. Rodents have become one of the most disastrous urban pests, living at our expense, invading our homes, eating our food and damaging our belongings. They are also responsible for the transmission of diseases and damage of property by way of gnawing, resulting in short circuits and fire hazards. Being a mammal, rats are very intelligent and highly adaptable creatures. This make rodent control a tough and challenging activity.

The Treatment

The new age Rat treatment is based on the type of rat species, extent of infestation and its spread. It works on the Scientific coalition of :

  • Baiting
  • Trapping
  • Proofing


  • An Absolutely new and highly effective treatment used in all developing countries.
  • It is designed keeping human safety in mind.
  • Easy Way Pest Control offers this contract for a part of the building.
  • We adopt a treatment regimen depending on the type of premise/outlet, for instance.
  • granules cannot be used where food items are stored as on shelves/ kitchens.

Service Types

  • Rodent Control or Rat Control Service
  • Annual maintenance contract is undertaken for large commercial and housing complexes.
  • Since rats are highly mobile pests, this service is not provided to individual houses, shops or offices which are a part of the building.

Baiting as well as monitoring program will be carried out at a regular interval of 15 days throughout the contract period.

We recommend an Annual Maintenance Contract for all services (Cockroach Control, Red Ants Control and Black Ants Control) to keep your premises free from pests throughout the year.

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